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Kairos Retreat

On October 2nd to the 4th, CCM held it's Fall Semester Retreat at New Rochelle. The theme of the fall retreat was Community and Faith in action. Incorporating the Seven Catholic Social Teachings, the fall retreat encouraged the students to reflect on their family, their community and most importantly, themselves. It was a weekend filled with reflections, prayers and fun! 


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Lecture Series

38th Merton Lecture: Bishop Robert Barron


On December 3rd, 2015, CCM was pleased to announce that the 38th annual Merton Lecture will be delivered by Bishop Robert Barron, the auxilary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The lecture is entitled "Thomas Merton: Metaphysics of Peace."

Refreshments were provided after the lecture in the gym and there was a prelude concert starting in the Church at 7pm.

Best known for his DVD series "Catholicism" (the part on Merton was filmed at Corpus Christi) Bishop Barron also posts regular videos for "Word on Fire" ministries. 




Healing When There's No Cure: Neonatal Comfort Care




  •  Dr Elvira Parravicini - Comfort Care Medical Director
  • Nurse Fran McCarthy Comfort Care's Care Coordinator
  •  Alessandra Rose - Maggie’s mother, patient 

Synopsis: Modern medicine has brought us enormous benefits by putting science and technology at the service of human health. What is sometimes forgotten is that, ultimately, medicine cannot be reduced to a strictly technical discipline, for the simple reason that people are not just machines in need of repair. Indeed, patients and their families are persons. This word expresses the fact that they live in relationships with other people and they also thirst for meaning, a word that also expresses a type of relationship, with the totality of being. Truly caring for a patient requires, at some level, caring for a person, and often contemporary medicine chooses to ignore this crucial question. The insufficiency of the purely technical approach to medicine is particularly obvious when one knows that the patient will not recover, as is the case for some infants who are affected by life-limiting conditions or terminal illnesses. In that case, it is an easy temptation to think that medicine has reached the boundary of its technical powers, and should just let nature run its course as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is striking to meet medical professionals who recognize that medicine is a human endeavor, and who are willing to really look at babies and their parents as people, in the belief that, no matter how brief, each baby’s life is precious and needs to be welcomed and cherished. Tonight, we have the privilege to learn about one such group of medical professionals, the Neonatal Comfort Care Program at New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital.

Original video links and synopsis from Crossroads Cultural Center.

Dining Events

Family Dinners


Every Tuesday, CCM and FOCUS  Family Dinner. Family Dinner begins at 6:30 PM at the Merton Center. During these dinners,  CCM members cook! If you come early enough, you can help prepare food! We prepare Italian, Spanish, Cuban, Dominican and other types of food!   

Social Events

Annual Rooftop Barbeque

Great Gatsby Party