Altar Serving 

CCM wants you to serve during the Sunday Mass at St. Paul's Chapel. We welcome anyone who wants to become lectors for the first and second readings and the Prayers of the Faithful. We're also looking for altar servers and anyone who wants to sing in the choir. 

Join us in our mission to make our campus Mass celebrations more for you. We're one ministry, one family. For more information, contact Adrian Rodriguez at aar2184@columbia.edu!


Every Wednesday from 5-7pm (dinner included), those interested in helping with Praise and Worship music can meet at the Merton Center! Musical talent welcomed but definitely not needed. From 7-8pm, there will be Holy Hour in Church with Praise and Worship. If you have any questions about the Music Ministry feel free to email Trevor Lee Miller at trevorleemiller@gmail.com

bible study

Sometimes the best way to connect with Christ is through his written Word. It's not an easy task, especially if you are new to your faith. Don't worry, because CCM welcomes you with open arms. Even if you are not sure if you'd love to have a bible study session, we'd still love to talk to you! 

Please fill out this form so we can find the right session that fits your schedule. Our bible studies are possible through the help of our tireless FOCUS missionaries. Reach out to Niru de Silva for more information. 

Bible Studies: UPDATED

Come learn how to pray, and dive deeper into learning more about the Catholic faith in our men's and women's Bible studies. 

Feel free to contact the leaders to get involved! (Merton Center is Located at 529 w121st St. Ring the Rectory Bell for access!)  This listing is up to date as of February 2017. 

If you have any other questions regarding the Bible Studies, contact Michael Fuentes at michael.fuentes@focus.org


Monday 8PM | Merton Center | Upperclassmen Women | Jessica Yap: jessica.yap@focus.org

Wednesday 8PM | Merton Center | Undergrad Women | Kenna Arana: kma2147@columbia.edu

Thursday 7:30PM | Merton Center | Women Athlete's | Brianna Lenehan: bkl2123@columbia.edu

Tuesday 7:30PM  | Ford Hall | Graduate Women | Elizabeth Jimenez: ej2329@columbia.edu

Monday 7PM | Merton Center | Women | Sarah Judge: Sarah.Judge@FOCUS.org

Monday 8AM | Manhattan School of Music | Women Artists | Christa Dalmazio: christadalmazio@gmail.com 



Friday 1PM | Saint Paul's | Undergraduate Men | Mike Miskovski:  mrm2197@columbia.edu

Monday 8PM | Ford Hall | Graduate Men | Carlos Martinez

Friday 6PM | Watt 1C | Men Athlete's | Charlie Flores: ecf2146@columbia.edu

Monday 8PM | Merton Center | Undergrad Men | Michael Fuentes: michael.fuentes@focus.org

Friday 4PM | Merton Center | Undergrad Men | Gelton Morada: gelton.morada@focus.org

Thursday 6:30PM | Merton Center | Undergrad Men | Focus Missionary Male:  michael.fuentes@focus.org

Wednesday 3PM | Merton Center | Undergraduate Men | Focus Missionary Male:  michael.fuentes@focus.org