CCM seeks to make a welcoming space for students, at any point in their faith life, to engage with Truth.


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CCM won't be possible without the help of the Corpus Christi church. Please get a copy of our newsletter to see how the Ministry and Corpus Christi enrich the lives of students in the Morningside Heights community. 



Columbia Catholic Ministry Programs


Sometimes the best way to connect with Christ is through his written Word. It's not an easy task, especially if you are new to your faith. Don't worry, because CCM welcomes you with open arms. Even if you are not sure if you'd love to have a bible study session, we'd still love to talk to you! 

Please fill out this form so we can find the right session that fits your schedule. Our bible studies are possible through the help of our tireless FOCUS missionaries. Reach out to one of our FOCUS missionaries for more information. 


This year, your CCM family is opening up our dinners to a family dinner instead of a separate women's and men's dinners on different days. If you are interested in joining us for dinner, just come on over to the Merton Center and mingle! We're always very excited to have new family members joining us! All meals are CCM prepared, so if you are also interested in cooking, please come early and we can have so much fun cooking! 



Established in 1974, George Barry Ford Hall serves as a resident for the Catholic graduate students at Columbia University.  The purpose of Ford Hall is to build community and further spiritual growth through shared responsibility, study, service, and prayer.  Residents prepare communal meals, undertake house tasks, work to engage the larger Columbia community and worship together. For more information contact Trevor Lee Miller at


Lecture series

The Catholic Ministry seeks to spread the Word of God in many ways than one. Each semester, we strive to hold lectures from different people in different points of their career to inspire the immediate Catholic audience on-campus to be a more active member of the Church. 

Lectures are usually hosted in conjunction with the Research Cluster for Science and Subjectivity and other faith groups like the Columbia-Barnard Hillel. Lectures are meant to remind us that in every thing we do every day, we can always be a working according to His Will. 

See some of the past lectures here


Every Wednesday from 5-7pm (dinner included), those interested in helping with Praise and Worship music can meet at the Merton Center! Musical talent welcomed but definitely not needed. From 7-8pm, there will be Holy Hour in Church with Praise and Worship. If you have any questions about the Music Ministry feel free to email Trevor Lee Miller at



Fr. Dan is available in 110 Earl Hall every Monday-Friday from 1-2pm.  He is there to hear confessions, answer questions, or provide whatever assistance he can.  The office is also stocked with treats- Swedish Fish, gummy bears, chocolate, cookies, etc.  so feel free to stop by anytime you need a snack before your afternoon classes!

Connect with Father Dan, if you can't make it during the designated times! 


We are all in different points in our faith journey. Some students, whether by culture or not, received Holy Communion at an early age and then gets confirmed thereafter. But there are others who find themselves seeking Christ even later in life. CCM understands, and so in conjunction with the FOCUS missionaries, we offer a class so you can start your journey to find Christ. This class prepares you for the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. 

If you are unsure if you're ready, we are more than happy to talk with you. Reach out to a Columbia College student who went through the class now or email any FOCUS missionary

altar serving

CCM wants you to serve during the Sunday Mass at St. Paul's Chapel. We welcome anyone who wants to become lectors for the first and second readings and the Prayers of the Faithful. We're also looking for altar servers and anyone who wants to sing in the choir. 

Join us in our mission to make our campus Mass celebrations more for you. We're one ministry, one family. For more information, contact Adrian Rodriguez at


On October 2nd to the 4th, CCM held it's Fall Semester Retreat at New Rochelle, organized by Rachel Dziatko. The theme of the fall retreat was Community and Faith in action. Incorporating the Seven Catholic Social Teachings, the fall retreat encouraged the students to reflect on their family, their community and most importantly, themselves. It was a weekend filled with reflections, prayers and fun! Visit our events page for some exciting pictures! 

We hope that you can join us for our Spring Retreat! So stay tuned or subscribe to our mailing list.



CCM Service team currently runs a volunteer after-school program for a Corpus Christi School known as BibleSports.  This program, which takes place on Fridays from 3-6pm, engages students in grades 2-5 with tutoring, Bible study, and sports activities with CCM volunteers.  Additionally the CCM Service team is organizing a bi-weekly service project to serve the homeless members of our community and to engage with the elderly and homebound in NYC. For more information contact the CCM service chair Nicole-Ann at


Comprised of both graduate and undergraduate students, CCM offers a variety of intramural sports teams for its members to connect with each other and play against other student groups and team.  The sports for the Fall semester are Co-ed volleyball, basketball.  New sport options will be available for the Spring semester. For more information contact John Bender (SEAS'17) at